About Dr. Moku

Dr. Moku makes educational apps and learning systems which use mnemonic devices and unconventional methodologies.

Founded in 2010, we have grown to help over 250,000 complete beginners read and write Japanese in just a few minutes.

We released our first app Dr. Moku’s Hiragana Mnemonics in 2010 and have gradually expanded the product range to include Arabic, Spanish and with plans for Kanji, Hangul Chinese, Gurmukhi and more.

Our goal is to make learning as painless as possible.

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The Story Behind Dr. Moku

Hey! I’m Bob and there’s something wrong in my brain!

I’m the man behind the curtain, I created Dr. Moku…I suppose I am Dr. Moku. I design and create all of the learning systems etc.

Whatever is wrong in my brain causes endless trouble for me. I have never been clinically tested but I float dizzily but happily somewhere on the Autism spectrum.

Simple everyday things baffle, confound and disturb me. I still can’t read a clock without having a meltdown, can’t count coins, time is coloured, numbers mean nothing to me and it took me a lifetime to learn how to “be social”.

Basic problem solving can be a…ehm…problem!

But yeah, of course like most high functioning people with learning difficulties, I excel in other areas (have you ever seen a pizza cut into 8 perfectly equal slices? That’s it. That’s my skill.)

I created the Dr. Moku Hiragana and Katakana systems after a disastrous attempt to learn Japanese through an evening course. I was left blinking in the dust as my classmates raced ahead of me while I fumbled and mumbled.

It was my first attempt at “adult education” after a terrible school experience marred by the same frustrations.

No matter how long I stared at these dopey, abstract characters I could not recall them.

One night during another anxiety laden night of rote memorisation I was struck by the fact that the Hiragana letter Hu looks like Mr. T

And not only did it look like him, it actually covered the fact that Hu is written and pronounced as both Hu and Fu! Like “Who” and “Pity the foo!”


Mt.T Japanese mnemonics


So I scrawled my own visual mnemonics for all Hiragana and Katakana as a kind of secret cheat sheet.

It worked but I never thought about sharing it with other people. Partially because it looked horrendous but mostly because I was ashamed!

Many years later a friend began studying Japanese so I dusted off my old notebook and showed her my crude mnemonics.

Within an hour she had memorised all of them. All 92 base Hiragana and Katakana.

Now Dr. Moku has helped over 250,000 people achieve the same goal. It feels amazing to think that so many brains are wired like mine

After a lifetime of seeing education as an opponent, I’m so happy to be part of such a big group which I’ve helped bring together.

Maybe my brain is wired just like yours after all.


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