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Dr. Moku Hiragana & Katakana FAQ

I have updated the app and my previous purchase has disappeared. Do I need to repurchase?

No! You can restore your previous purchases in More (bottom menu nav)>Settings and Support>Restore Purchase.


Whats the difference between Lite and Full versions of the Dr. Moku apps?

The Lite/Free version of our apps features many but not all of the mnemonics screens. You will still be able to learn a lot and test your skills. Upgrading will unlock all screens and several quiz types.


If I buy Dr. Moku for iOS or Android will it work in my browser or vice versa?

The mobile apps and PC browser console are all separate products. We would love to make it a universal app but the technologies won’t work across all devices.


iOS and Android apps

Sound not working?

First of all you should check that your device is not muted and that other apps play sounds.

For iOS check that you have the latest version of iOS installed and then fully reset your device. Then stop other apps from playing by double tapping the home button then swipe-up to exit each app.

For Android ensure you have not selected Settings/Mute all sounds.


Android Restore Purchases

You can restore your purchases in Home/More/Settings/Restore Purchases


Dr. Moku Learning Console

How do I purchase the browser based Learning Console?

Payment is handled by Cleeng: a safe, smart and quick way to pay online. You can use your Facebook or Gmail to create your account in seconds.


Forgot your login or password?

We do not store your logins. If you have already purchased a learning console but have lost your password you need to retreive your password here


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