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Hiragana right now.

In less than one day you will be able to read Hiragana, the essential first step in learning

Dr. Moku teaches by using mnemonics; memory tricks that use humor or a memorable personal connection to help you fix and break associations so your brain has no choice but to remember.

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If you have struggled learning the Kana (Hiragana and Katakana) before then Dr. Moku is the perfect app for you.

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Our Hiragana app  is packed with features; audio clips, 2 different learning modes, 3 different quiz types and more.

After studying the Hiragana cards you can take a quiz. You will be amazed at your progress.

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Learning Japanese may seem like an impossible task but with Dr. Moku you will be amazed at your ability to learn and recall.

During testing we met a twelve year old girl who achieved FULL recall of all basic Hiragana and Katakana in under 2 hours!

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