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How To Say Girl And Boy In Japanese

By on July 14, 2015 in Essential Japanese Words

Learning how to say ‘man, boy, woman and girl’ is amazingly useful when you are starting to learn Japanese.

First, however we need to know the words for man and woman, then by adding,  “no ko”,  we can change man and woman into boy and girl.

The word for man is otoko (男)
The word for woman is onna (女)

The word for boy is otoko no ko.
The word for girl is onna no ko.

Ko is the word for child or infant and its’ kanji looks like this – 子.

In kanji the word for boy is 男 の 子 – otoko no ko.
In kanji the word for girl is 女 の 子 – onna no ko.

So what do you think?