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Japanese Colors Rap Song!

By on April 26, 2017 in Learn Japanese Videos

Word up!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start using all of the existing Japanese material I have to make YouTube videos…but when I started the “Learn Japanese Colors” one I could see how borrrring it was.

So I hooked up with a great rapper and wrote this song instead


Here are the lyrics:

From a zero to a hero, from kuro to shiro
Let’s start at the top: The word for color is iro

And then you gotta know that white is shiro
Blacks kuro, Browns chairo, Yellow is kiiro

Dr. Moku burns the track right into your head
Like a red hot Flame: Aka means red

Knuckle down, listen up, just a few more to go
Dr. Moku is the illest, makes the Smurfs go ao!

Prince played Minecraft, yo that game is blocky
Purple rain keeps falling, purples murasaki

Cash rules everything, you know that story
GREEN! Get the money, green is midori

Some say orange is impossible to rhyme
But it’s just orenji so don’t waste your time

So you now know all the colors of the ‘bow
Time for Call and response, you know how it goes:


So what do you think?