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Dr. Moku’s Kanji Mnemonics: A demo and an update

By on February 05, 2017 in Learn Kanji

UPDATE: It’s here!!

Get it for iPhone and iPad here

Get it for Android here

Version 1 is great, you can learn 100+ Kanji in one sitting. We are working on the next big update so please add your voice by taking this survey to tell us which features you need.

Dr. Moku’s Kanji is finally on it’s way.

First of all let me introduce myself, I’m Bob. I run Dr. Moku and create/design all of the apps.

The road to Kanji has been a long one pocked with ridiculous twists and turns full of intrigue and flakiness but it’s ready to demo:

Try a sample!

If you’re viewing on a mobile it’s best to go here instead

This is obviously just a teeny tiny taste: the final app goes into more detail and you can look up Kanji by stroke order etc.

Release info

The app will be first released for iPad, iPhone and Android around the end of March 2017.


  • A healthy chunk of free Kanji and Radicals and with the option to buy 100 additional Kanji including the entire JLPT N5 set.
  • Animated writing examples
  • Search by stroke number, meaning etc
  • Example words
  • Create your own study lists

Then we will release the Android version…THEN the printed book version…THEN the animated movie starring Forrest Whitaker as Dr. Moku. Nah.

So the first in-app purchase is JLPT N5 + More, then we’ll add new Kanji packs in batches of 100-120 until the whole world has learned to read and write  Japanese effortlessy





So what do you think?

  • saokirito38

    The problem is when will that app come? With minimum 200 kanji? I really love your hiragana and katakana app because I learned hiragana I’m 3 days and katakana in few hours ^_^ btw thank you for this amazing apps can’t wait for the kanji app is there a place where I could put my email adress in and get a mail when the kanji app comes out

  • Guest

    Hey! Bob here aka Dr. Moku, the Kanji app is STILL dragging along but will be released this year. You can help test if you want, take this survey and I will add you to the list

    • Blaine Christopher

      Can’t wait for the kanji app!!!,by the way are you planning to update the japanese essentials app anytime soon ?

      • Hey Blaine, cheers, we will update Japanese Essentials with some Kanji teasers but I dont think we will add more phrases. What would you like us to include?

  • Aranrave

    Cant wait for this app :3, perhaps just release the app with a few hundred kanji and add more later as in app purchases, maybe by grade or just some generic theme those particular kanji have in common.

    • Hey! Yes I’m thinking of something like that: free app with lots of Kanji and then gradually add to it. Thanks for your support!

  • Artzy Anthony

    Shut up and take my money already! What’s the hold up? I’ve been waiting for ages.

    • Ha ha! Me too man…waiting a long time for this!

      • saokirito38

        Why first iPhone and iPad? :'( why not android?

        • Well…iOS is always our priority, mostly because of the relative ease of developing for the standard screen sizes versus the 10,000 different Android ones…the other consideration is that iOS users seem to be more willing to pay for content!

          But yeah, Android too for sure.

          • Karl Kond

            Shoudn’t a browser one be really easy too? If i own an Android and i want access when i comes out, will you make a browser version too?

  • Itachi

    I bought your Hiragana and Katakana apps.. Words cannot explain how shocked I am that it ACTUALLY worked.. I learned Hiragana after scrolling through each list only TWICE.. I will start doing Katakana when I memorize the modified Hiragana.. which I can’t seem to get :(. Do you have any tips on that? Also, I am really really excited for your Kanji app.. I can’t seem to read Japanese without stumbling into a kanji…. Hahaha

  • Ema

    Wowww! Can’t wait for the kana app! So far the kana looks very easy to remember , fantastic job ! I’m an android user btw 🙂

  • Dave

    Let’s see if these comments are fake. Does Bob edit customer comments so he only has positive ones? Or are all reviews manufactured?

    • Ha! No I don’t think I’ve ever had to edit a Moku comment Dave…definitely have on my NSFW webcomic site though! Oh and on our Youtube channel a few times for sure. And even if they were contentious what would they say…”Dr.Moku is not a real doctor!”

      • Manny Thornton

        not fake! but Moku i need kanji!

  • Yukii Teru

    So DrMoku… how long until the demo comes out? I can’t wait!

    • Hello Yukii! We are aiming for the summer now with about 50-80 Kanji to start

      • Yukii Teru

        Great! I can’t wait for it!

      • Manny Thornton

        SO LONG :'(

  • Anne-Cerise Luzy

    Can’t you work something out with Chineasy ? They also use drawings as mnemonics but for Chinese.

    Great app, thanks to you I have learned all the kanas in no time!
    Made an article (in French) about it:

  • Charlie Badua

    I love Dr. Moku, he has helped me immensely with learning to read japanese.

  • Cyberjin

    any news?

    • Hey! yes we are starting to show samples on our Facebook page we will update this page with some hefty samples soon.

      • Destanie Clark

        Any idea on when the first release will happen? SO Excited to start learning Kanji! Your apps have made learning so easy for me!

  • Phil

    Do you know if this will be released by November?

  • Brendan

    That’s awesome to hear! I’ve been eagerly waiting for over a year now. Your app taught hiragana and katakana, and thus opened the door of Japanese for me. Will definitely buy as soon as it comes out 😀