Learn Japanese Kana Android

Learn Japanese Kana on Android

Learn Japanese Hiragana and
Katakana right now on your Android

With this app it’s easy to learn Japaneasy!

  • Learn Kana: Hiragana & Katakana FAST
  • Audio clips to help pronunciation
  • Quick Ref mode so you can jump to the screens you want to revise
  • 3 different Quiz Modes: Easy, Hard and Master
  • 2 different Learning modes: Manual and Autoplay
  • More features with every FREE update

the Kana right now.

In less than one day you will be able to read the Kana; Hiragana & Katakana, the essential first steps in learning

Dr. Moku teaches by using mnemonics; memory tricks that use humor or a memorable personal connection to help you fix and break associations so your brain has no choice but to remember.

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Don‘t believe it?
Watch the demo!


Watch the video above and you will be able to READ YOUR FIRST WORD OF JAPANESE in just 90 seconds!

Customer reviews…


The Best App
for learning Japanese.

Our customer reviews speak for themselves. We have helped 1000’s of students young and old to master the first essential steps in learning Japanese FAST.

If you have struggled learning the Kana (Hiragana and Katakana) before then Dr. Moku is the perfect app for you.

Packed full of
features and more coming!

Presently this application is packed with features; audio clips, 2 different learning modes, 3 different quiz types and more.

But with each FREE update we include more features. The next update, scheduled for March 2012 will feature Animated Strokes so you can learn to WRITE Hiragana.

Read and
Speak Japanese TODAY.

Learning Japanese may seem like an impossible task but with Dr. Moku you will be amazed at your ability to learn and recall.

During testing we met a twelve year old girl who achieved FULL recall of all basic Hiragana and Katakana in under 2 hours!

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