Being understood in Japanese - phrases with pronunciation

Being understood

November 19th, 2015 in Japanese Phrases

Learn how to be understood in Japanese with these essential, basic Japanese words and phrases.
See the full list of Japanese Words and Phrases here. You will be understood in Japanese in no time!

Most new students of Japanese have trouble being understood so it is vital to master phrases like the following Japanese phrases below:

すみません。 日本語が話せません

sumimasen, nihongo ga hanasemasen

I’m sorry, I don’t speak Japanese


eigo wa hanase masuka?

Do you speak English?


supeingo wa hanase masuka?

Do you speak Spanish?


yukkuri hanashite kudasai

Please speak slower


kaite moraemasuka?

Could you write that down for me?


…wa dohyuu imidesuka?

What does…mean?


…wa nihongo de nannto iimasuka?

How do you say… in Japanese?


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