We are always looking for talented chums and creative pals to join our team. Even if your skills aren’t listed below please say hello if you want to get involved.


Mobile Application Developer

Job Type: Full time job…you will always be kept busy and entertained.

Location: Our “cosy” office in Murcia, Spain or you can work remotely if you are a rockstar with results.

Your job will be to develop, test and maintain tight and crispy apps in the Dr. Moku universe.

You will work with the UX & Design Meister to iron out wireframes and functions.

The main focus is on iOS app development but experience with other platforms is a huge benefit.

Experience with Flash, Sketch and Unity is a plus.



  • At least one published iOS app.
  • Excellent written and spoken English.


Native Speakers and Translators

We are constantly on the lookout for motivated and resourceful people with the following languages to join full time or on a pay per project basis.

Your tasks will include helping to develop and test learning systems, localise content and consult on projects.


  • Native Japanese Speaker
  • Native Arabic Speaker
  • Native Korean Speaker
  • Native Mandarin Speaker
  • Native Spanish Speaker

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