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Chineasy Japanese

August 25th, 2013 in Our Products

Chineasy Japanese app?

If you are interested in learning Japanese with the Dr. Moku learning system you’ll probably love Chineasy: an easy to use pictorial system for learning basic Chinese.

I’ve been aware of the creator of Chineasy, ShaoLan since her TED talk and I am very impressed with her Kickstarter campaign, check it out and contribute a few dollars, it looks really cool.

I’d like to state we are not involved in in any way…as it’s popularity grows we seem to get an increasing number of queries about the Japanese version of Chineasy, enquires about the Chineasy iphone app and if we are releasing a Dr. Moku Kanji system using our same mnemonic memory tricks. ( the Dr. Moku Kanji system is still in development…2 years and counting!)

I read a comment on our YouTube video (where we teach you to read your first word of Japanese Hiragana in 90 seconds) that complained we had copied Chineasy to make Dr. Moku.

This is not the case, Dr. Moku has been around since 2010…that’s a long time in internet years! Grumpy cat was only a grumpy kitten back then.

Certainly to the untrained eye they are very similar; pictorial mnemonics and the use of alternating clean and flat background colours definitely makes them visually related but the fact remains that one is for teaching Chinese and the other for Japanese!

Chineasy Japanese


But a huge plus is that if you pick up Chineasy you can get a head start on learning Kanji as Kanji is derived from Chinese!

In other Dr. Moku news: I have started work on a whole new language learning project. I really feel this new method of immersive learning will help many people get over the initial ‘hump’ of learning a new language.

Check out the new updated iOS Dr. Moku apps, we’ve added lots of new features such as animated stroke orders and Modified Kana quizzes. You can learn Japanese Hiragana and Katakana in just one day!

UPDATE: I found this infographic which although gets the year wrong (Dr. Moku was launched in 2010) it is very interesting.


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