Colors in Japanese

Colors in Japanese

Japanese Colors

(If you don’t have Japanese installed on your computer, some characters may display as squares or unreadable symbols)

Learn all the colors of the rainbow in Japanese with Dr. Moku. View our products to learn more.

Color [sm_player mp3=”JP_A116″] iro
White [sm_player mp3=”JP_A118″] shiro
Black [sm_player mp3=”JP_A119″] kuro
Red [sm_player mp3=”JP_A120″] aka
Orange [sm_player mp3=”JP_A121″] orenji
Yellow [sm_player mp3=”JP_A122″] kiiro
Green [sm_player mp3=”JP_A123″] midori
Blue [sm_player mp3=”JP_A124″] ao
Indigo [sm_player mp3=”JP_A125″] gunjyoiro
Violet [sm_player mp3=”JP_A126″] murasaki
Brown [sm_player mp3=”JP_A127″] chairo

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