Gairaigo Examples: Japanese Loan Words

Gairaigo examples: Japanese Loan Words

August 1st, 2015 in Essential Japanese Words

Some  gairaigo examples

In Japanese, foreign words are heavily borrowed. I would almost venture to say that in some circumstances, all you would have to do is say what you want in English but with a Japanese accent or pronunciation, and your communication would likely be understood.

New words, or words that are borrowed from other countries have a special name in Japanese, they are called gairaigo. Gairaigo are words on loan from languages other than Japanese, surprisingly a significant amount from Portuguese.

Gairaigo are numerous and the list grow as new words pop up in the world. Some gairaigo examples:

Spoon – supun
Fork – fouku
Ball – bouru
Door – doa
Curtain – kaaten
Card – kaado
Toaster – tosuta
Juice – juusu
Computer – konpyuuta
Ipod – aipoddo
Garasu – glass
Terebi – television
Hoteru – hotel
Resutoran – restaurant
Tonneru – tunnel
Macchi – match
Mishin – sewing machine
Ruuru – rule
Reji – cash register
Baa – bar
Sutairu – style
Sutoorii – story
Sumaato – smart
Aidoru – idol, pop star
Aisukuriimu – ice cream
Anime – animation
Bata- butter
Biiru – beer
Furonto – front reception desk
Handoru – handle
Imeeji – image
juusu – juice
kokku – cook

Some gairaigo words are so silly that you have no choice but to remember them! Reji (cash register) is my favourite from the above gairaigo examples.

What are your favourites?


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