Learn Hiragana ha は. It's pronounced like the word “hawk”.
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Learn Hiragana ha は

は is pronounced like “ha” in the word “hawk”.

The Hiragana は is made with 3 strokes.

は is the subject particular marker. (Note: it is pronounced “wa” instead of “ha” as this particle. わたしはwatashi wa. Eg. I am.)

は is the word for tooth, among other things. The kanji is 歯. The katakana counterpart to は is ハ.

Both the characters look somewhat like H.

Mnemonics to remember Hiragana ha は

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How to write Hiragana ha は

Start with the left vertical line, slightly curved. Follow with the straight horizontal line.

Intersect this line with another vertical stroke that finishes with a full loop with a tail at it’s base.

Word samples using Hiragana ha は

Hiragana JapaneseEnglish meaning
はしるHashiruTo run

More about Hiragana ha は

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