Learn Hiragana Hiragana tsu - つ. It's pronounced like “tsu” in “tsunami”.
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Learn Hiragana tsu つ

つ is pronounced like “tsu” in “tsunami”.

The Hiragana つ is made with 1 stroke.

Note: Tsu is not a syllable in any English words. The Japanese word Tsunami is often pronounced “sunami” by English speakers, but this is not how a Japanese speaker would say it.

Start with the syllable “to”, then try “sew”. You need to locate the tsu syllable between these two sounds, or by combining these two sounds.

Mnemonics to remember Hiragana tsu つ

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How to write Hiragana tsu つ

Like the bottom of ち, start from the top and loop back around to the base on the left of the character.

Word samples using Hiragana tsu つ

Hiragana JapaneseEnglish meaning
つうがくTsūgakuCommuting to school
つゆTsuyuRainy season

More about Hiragana tsu つ

Note: Unlike ti Eg. “ティ”, tsu is almost never written in katakana for foreign words and most native speakers just use the tsu character for it. つう is an onomatopoeia for buzzing like the English bzzz. The katakana counterpart to つ is ツ. Not to be mixed up with シ.

A small つ also indicates a double consonant. Check this link for more information.

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