Moku Mundo - what you never stood on LEGO?

Moku Mundo! Language, arts and laughs for all ages

August 21st, 2019 in Moku Mundo

Presenting Moku Mundo; an animated series focussed on Language, Arts and good ol´ Laffs for all ages.

So how does this fit into Dr. Moku?

There might be some head-scratching out there about the jump from learning Hiragana and katakana to the parental joys of standing on LEGO.

Since becoming a dad a couple of years ago I have been knee-deep in increasingly silly and vacuous YouTube videos. I´ve been itching to make something that I would like to see during these mind-numbing binges.

I began piecing together the threads of the idea to start something which is both educational (or at least enlightening) and full of silly fun.

Last year when I was listing our physical flashcards Amazon, I had to state which ages they are suitable for because I didn’t have an ISBN, I had to list them in the Toys and Games category.

Then I began to see reviews about how they helped very young kids and it dawned on me that I already have a family-friendly brand in Dr. Moku.


So Moku Mundo sits under Dr. Moku, not as a sub-brand but sort of like it´s giddy nephew.

I had a ball making this rap song to help learn colours in Japanese and this could be classed as the first Moku Mundo video I suppose.

Stay tuned for the launch in early September. Subscribe to the YouTube channel here.


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