Movie Trivia Game - Movie MEETS Movie- Movie Mashup Game

Movie MEETS Movie – Movie Trivia Game

July 8th, 2021 in Our Products

Creating the Dr. Moku apps is my full-time job but I still have some time to work on other ideas now and then. While reprinting the physical Dr. Moku cards a while back, I decided to take the opportunity to make a new game based on combining movie plots and flaunting movie trivia.

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-Guess the combined movies or pitch the best, funniest and worst movie descriptions by using quotes, plots, movie characters and movie trivia.

-2 to 20+ Players – Movie Night meets Games Night! Play as a couple or in a larger group. Ideal for parties, online team-building events and icebreakers.

-Jump in and win – get playing in seconds. No complex rules or setup are needed.

-100 double-sided cards with close to 50,000 possible movie combinations. Yikes.

-Movie Buffs Assemble! Besides mainstream movie classics and superhero hits, you can choose from obscure horror, sci-fi and B-movies…Troll 2 anyone?

Movie MEETS Movie! is the Blockbuster VHS bargain bin in your pocket.

The idea gift for cinephiles, movie lovers, and Nicolas Cage fans.

There are several ways to play but the main rules are:

Each player gets five cards. The youngest player becomes The Director and calls out two movie titles from their cards.

The other players call out their pitches, and The Director decides whose is the best. The winner disposes of one card.

If nobody can guess the movies (even with additional clues!), then the round ends.

The next player becomes The Director, and the process is repeated. The first player to dispose of all their cards wins.

If you can’t decide on a winning answer, you can use trivia (year, gross, stars) as a tiebreaker.

Get Movie MEETS Movie on here

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