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Our new App: Learn Languages with Dr. Moku

January 30th, 2020 in Our Products Uncategorized

One of the great things about working alone is how fast you can plough through design and business decisions but when it comes to app development or anything technical, the gears just seem to wind down. At least for me anyway.

I find testing and debugging apps on several different devices a few times a day just draining. I don’t code and despite a few attempts, I know now that I never will.

I have had Arabic Alphanoidz more or less presentable/saleable for two years and my Korean mnemonics system is nearing completion but the thoughts of committing to a long (and costly) development phase for each product is really daunting.

Last year I started making moves to merge all of the apps and language systems which are in development with my existing language apps to create one super-duper creation. Not only will it make it easier on me, the big benefit is for the user.

Learn Languages with Dr. Moku will launch with Japanese mnemonics, Korean Hangul mnemonic and Arabic mnemonics. The vision is to gradually include other subjects like Sign Language and Phonetics as well as other spoken languages.

I know from talking to many Japanese students that learning to read Arabic, for example, is something which they never considered but I think if you dig one learning system and see how effective is, then why not learn another with the same speed and ease?

I am on the mooch for any Flutter devs out there looking to be part of this juicy and ongoing project.

Gotta shoot!

More soon, cheers,


PS: Get on our new mail list here to keep up to speed and pitch in on the Beta testing.

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