Simply the best and fastest way to memorize hiragana


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“After a half hour, I was blazing through each exercise: highly recommended for beginners”

-Huffington Post

“I looked around the iTunes store and came across Dr. Moku’s Hiragana Mnemonics. Thirty minutes later I had memorized all 46 hiragana. Now my 9-year-old is learning them, and having a lot of fun.”

– Mark Frauenfelder founder of Boing Boing

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Loving the app! it took me 2 days to just learn a few hiragana before I stumbled across you guys. I then managed to learn basic hiragana in about a hour or so that really motivated me to keep learning japanese! so thanks alot! nearly on to modified katakana now it hasnt even been a week! best fiver i ever spent!

Raine L. – Facebook


Arigato! Thank you so much for your apps!!! I have been struggling and going in circles trying to cram Katakana…they all look so similar. After maybe 15 mins with Dr. Moku it all became clear to me. I can’t thank you enough.

Adnan B.


It’s like being able to walk, no, SPRINT after crawling around on my hands and knees for a few weeks.

Lora. F


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Great App ★★★★★

by Not a weeaboo – Version – 2.1 – Feb 21, 2015

Been using it for 20mins and I’m already getting great scores on the quizzes.. I also cried when I could finally read my first word in hiragana, ありがとうございます :’)


Made me confident about learning Japanese ★★★★★

by Lilmomoiro – Version – 2.1 – Nov 6, 2014

Let me start off by saying I NEVER take the time to review apps… But this app in particular has helped me immensely, not only in mastering the hiragana, but in gaining the confidence to take on katakana and kanji as my next steps to becoming a Japanese speaker. If you’re wondering if the app is worth the $5, trust me – as someone who hates paying for apps – it is! I haven’t even had the app for a full day and I feel confident in recognizing each hiragana character. I will continue to use the quiz mode to master my memorization, and I’ll definitely be buying the katakana version of the app once I feel 100% confident in hiragana (which won’t take long)! I’ll be studying abroad in Japan next year and I’m excited to have such an affordable, useful, fun way to help me learn the language. THANKS DR. MOKU!


Really works ★★★★★

by Black thunder!$ – Version – 2.1 – May 24, 2014

After a couple days of practice I’m acing the quizzes and am able to write out and understand all 46 characters. The visual aids are remarkably helpful. Though they can be strange this at least helps me remember the shape and sound better. Can’t say just how much I appreciate this app!


The best ★★★★★

by Avatar Shinryu – Version – 2.1 – Mar 18, 2015

Simply the best and fastest way to memorize hiragana. Tested the free version. Memorized in a few MINUTES. That was insane. I’ve tried it for a whole month 10 years ago and never got it memorized. 2 days: master hiragana 4 days: master modified hiragana Combine with Anki for even better results. Ps: 7 days later: Using the Katakana app.

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