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Family game night ideas: The best board games


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If you want to get started with family game night at home, these family game night ideas are exactly what you need. There are just too many board games to browse through on the market, so these family game night ideas will help you get started on the right foot. 

This list of the best board games for family game night includes some of the most fun and challenging board games for both children and adults. Remember that to choose the right board game, you need to keep your children’s skill set in mind and know your audience. So, go through the list carefully!

The Best Board Games for Family Game Night

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1. Jenga

Let’s start with one of the classics! Jenga is an amazing game because it’s simple enough for everyone to understand it, but it’s also tense and challenging enough to be super fun. The game consists in building a tower with Jenga blocks and then taking turns taking the blocks out without causing the tower to tumble down. The player to make the tower fall, loses. You can also play differently, so instead of taking blocks out, you’re each taking turns to build the tower block by block. The challenge is building a structurally sound tower, which is harder on each turn, and the player who causes it to fall will be the loser. Both ways of playing are super fun, and everyone will be able to engage with this game. 

2. Cranium

Cranium is a great board game for family game night because it will allow everyone, both adults and children, to make the most use of their imagination. This is probably the best version of charades you’ll ever play, as it will allow you to act out, sculpt out, and draw different things. This is how everyone’s imagination will be exercised in many different ways, and as a result, you’ll have so much fun together! Cranium offers an enjoyable experience and it will allow you all to laugh at the things you come up with.

3. Clue

Clue is a classic murder mystery board game that will keep everyone on their toes. It consists in exploring the mansion and looking for clues. Each player is a murder suspect, and the right answer is right there on the table. This game is challenging enough for everyone and you’ll have a ton of fun speculating about how they were killed, with what weapon, and where in the house. Best of all, this game is on the cheap side, which is great for family night on a budget!

4. Pictionary

Pictionary is another classic you can take advantage of and it’s a great game for family game night. It can welcome as many players as you have, it’s super fun, and everyone will be kept on their toes. I recommend you play in teams, it’s just more fun that way, and you’ll inject a bit of healthy competition into game night. Pictionary is a great way to both express and challenge your artistic skills, since you must draw something understandable in just a few seconds. 

5. Rummikub

Rummikub is a wonderful board game that involves math and it’s a great way to get children excited for it without even knowing. To win, players must use tiles with different numbers on it and create sequences that total 30. The concept is quite simple, as you can see, but you’ll find the game super exciting and fun. Rummikub games can go quickly, so you’ll be able to play multiple rounds a night, and trust me, you will all want to. This STEM board game is truly a must for family game night and it will become one of your favorite. 

6. Guess Who?

Guess Who? Is another great classic and a personal favorite. If you ever played it in your time, you’ll find that it hasn’t changed a bit. The game consists of guessing the character the other player has by asking the right questions and using your board. It’s basically a race, so it’s not only fun, it will also keep you all on the edge. It’s a simple concept, but you’ll find that it’s one of the best games you’ll ever play and you’ll want to do it a lot more than once. 

7. Bears vs. Babies

Bears vs. Babies’ title brings gruesome images to mind if you’re quite graphic. However, this is a family friendly game that will make family game night a lot more fun. This game will allow players to create many different kinds of creatures, like grizzly bears and babies made of random things. The game runs quite short, so you’ll have a chance to play more than one round of fun. Bears vs. Babies is a wonderful game because it allows everyone to make good use of their creativity to come up with the craziest things. 

8. Monopoly: Ultimate Banking Edition

Monopoly is one of the best board games in the world. This particular edition is even better because it makes the game a lot more approachable. This means children will be able to participate if they’re old enough to understand the dynamic and give it a try. Instead of carrying cash, this Monopoly version gives you bank cards and a banking unit that will make the math of the game a lot less annoying. Just make sure everyone understands the game as best as possible to ensure a fun yet competitive experience.

9. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a classic quiz game that’s still very popular. Why? Because it’s a lot of fun. Bring all your knowledge about arts, geography, entertainment, literature, science, sports and leisure, and see if you can win the game. This edition of Trivial Pursuit contains 3,000 questions that will challenge everyone involved and will make for a competitive family game night. 

10. Perfection

Perfection may look like a game that’s only for children, but if you let your ego aside, you’ll find that this game is quite challenging. It consists of having players place specific shapes into slots, but there’s a time pressure. If you fail, the pieces will fly into the air and it will make you jump every time. You can play this game together during family game night and have a ton of fight trying to beat the clock. 

11. Operation

Operation is yet another classic that we simply can’t leave out. The game consists of using a pair of tweezers and removing the things that are making Cavity Sam very uncomfortable. The challenge is to do so without hitting Cavity Sam’s sensitive spots and activating the buzzer, because if you do, you’ll lose. It’s a lot of fun to play alone, so imagine how much more fun it will be when you do it with your entire family. It’s challenging, and you’ll have an opportunity to teach your children about the human body. 

12. Sequence for Kids

Sequence for kids is the child-friendly version of Sequence and it consists in players creating sequences on the board using the chips available and based on the cards that they draw. The cards all have special moves and are super fun for children. So, if you’re looking for an ice-breaker for children to get into family game night, this game is a great way to do that. 

13. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is another fun game that can make it to family game night. Each player is a train baron and you all must race each other from one end of the country to the other using the available rail lines. This is a strategy game, as you must calculate the quickest route in order to win, so it will allow everyone involved to practice their problem-solving skills. Each game can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour, and it will be super fun for everyone involved. 

14. Family Feud Trivia Box 

Family Feud Trivia Box can be another great addition to family game night as it will challenge everyone. Based on the well-known game show, this board game won’t get old and players will have hundreds of questions to choose from. It’s fun, challenging, and exciting, so give it a try!

15. Watch Ya’ Mouth 

If you’ve ever tried to speak with food in your mouth, then you know how ridiculous it makes you sound. However, Watch Ya Mouth is all about that. It consists in using a mouthpiece and reading different phrases out loud so that your team can guess what you’re saying. This game is super fun and silly and everyone will have a crazy time playing it. 

16. The Game of Life Junior

The Game of Life is a classic board game and the junior version is a lot of fun. Instead of choosing to be an accountant or doctor, children will have the option to become singers or something a lot more interesting. Another major difference is that this version of Life will only focus on a single day, not a whole lifetime.

17. Amigo Games Clack!

If there are children of different ages in the family, this game is perfect for your family game night. The game is easy to understand; it consists of spreading out magnetic discs and rolling the dice twice so that everyone can race to pick up the discs that correspond. The game is simple and a lot of fun. 

18. Ker Plunk

Ker Plunk is another classic that never gets old. It’s super simple but so much fun! Players must take turns removing the sticks that support the marbles but the challenge is that you can’t let the marbles fall. If they do, you lose. The game is exciting and engaging, not to mention competitive and a lot of fun. You won’t want to stop playing until you get to win one round!

19. Bop-It! 

Bop-It! Is another classic and it’s a great way to introduce everyone to family game night. The modern version of the game offers 10 new moves, so you’ll have a lot of fun exploring it again and your family will enjoy it greatly. 

20. Catan: Junior

Settlers of Catan is a great game, and this kid-friendly version is no different. If there are children of ages 6 and up at home, this is the right game to introduce them to family game night. Catan is a great world to explore and it consists of finding all the gold, which means you must strategize so you can beat the rest of the player. This makes it exciting and competitive enough to get everyone engaged right off the bat. 

21. Connect 4

Connect 4 is a great board game option if your children are 3 years old and up. The game is easy to understand and there are different ways to play it. To win, you need to get four discs in a row, so it’s definitely a strategy game. It will soon become a favorite and it will definitely work as a gateway to other similar board games. 

22. Qwitch

Qwitch is an exciting game that consists of racing each other to place matching cards on the pile. There are different cards and, for example, numbers and letters can go up, down or stay the same, and they can switch at any moment. If it sounds too easy, wait until you play it! It’s a lot more challenging in action, so give it a try and remember to have fun. 

23. Twister
Twister is a classic and we all know how it works by now. The game is exciting, super fun and you won’t be able to stop giggling. Just make sure you stretch a bit before you get into it!

24. No Stress Chess
Last but not least, we have No Stress Chess, which is a wonderful way of introducing children to chess. Chess is exciting when you play it right and if you’re already a fan, passing that onto your children will be super easy with this version. 

Any of the games on this list will make your family game night super fun and they will challenge everyone in a different way, which is always exciting!

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