STEM Family Board Game - A Balanced Triva-style Battle Game

STEM Family board game

May 21st, 2019 in Our Products STEM

Finally! An educational board game that the whole family will want to play again and again.

True or False: A Hippo’s sweat is pink?

And just what is that liquid inside a spirit level?

If you can answer these questions you might be the first to make it to the top and win in STEM Family Battle: our new, balanced, trivia style board game which makes learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math an unforgettable experience.

Battle your way through an intricate and infuriating STEM maze.

Family board game educational stem

Play solo or team up in ┬ĘKids Vs. Adults┬Ęstyle. By answering STEM questions correctly you can push your opponents to their doom or use sneaky shortcuts to get ahead.

A balanced, STEM Family board game for everybody.

Hello there! Bob here, the founder of Dr. Moku and creator of this new game. The inspiration for STEM Family Battle came when I was trying to find a screen-free activity that my wife and I could play with our 14-year-old nephew and 12-year-old niece.

Scrabble…impossible to play and enjoy with younger players (I am a Scrabble Shark!). Battleship, Operation and Twister were hits when they were younger but viewed as cringe-fests by them now. I personally HATE Monopoly so that was out too. In the end, we tried Trivial Pursuit but of course, the questions were too difficult for the younger players.

I began to think of a family board game with two sets of questions: one for younger players which includes Minecraft, Fortnite and contemporary pop culture references and the other set being really challenging questions for adults.

This would ensure that all of the players don’t get bored and at the same time absorb and remember the questions, regardless of the subject.

The one area where the kids really beat us is Math. I need a lot of time and definitely some paper to work out basic problems while they can usually calculate rapidly in their heads. So the idea of a pop culture and Math challenge board game began to form before realizing that the questions and format should be based on the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Let’s take a look at the questions

The game comes with 200 double-sided question cards (800 questions in total). The Science questions include the animal kingdom, biology, chemistry etc. Technology includes Fortnite/gaming and web related questions. Engineering is a mixture of questions about physical tools, constructions, inventors and inventions. The Math puzzle are meant to be answered within 30 seconds and there is an ever changing mix of problems and questions styles.

Here are some of the STEM quiz questions for kids.

While the Adult (Heavyweight) cards feature Math problems like “Add the number of seasons of The Sopranos to the number of ounces in a pound.” and really challenging STEM trivia questions.

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