The best STEM board games for the whole family

The best STEM board games for the whole family

March 4th, 2019 in STEM

STEM board games for the whole family!

STEM, as you may already know, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This means that STEM board games are basically any board game that fosters or teaches STEM subjects or skills through play.

These kinds of games are wonderful if you want to get your children to learn important skills without even knowing. Not to mention they’re a lot of fun for the entire family! STEM board games are not only popular, they allow us to expose our children and our family to many different skills and subjects.

To help you with your next family game night, here are some of the best STEM board games that the whole family can enjoy!

Bloxels: Build Your Own Video Game

game dev STEM board game

Bloxels is a board game that allows you and your children to learn a thing or two about video game development while you play. All you’ll need is Bloxels and a compatible device to get started because the game combines both physical and digital tools so you can create your own video game. The Bloxels mobile app is free and it’s available for both Android and iOS.

With this game, you’ll be able to create game rooms, game art, and characters using the Bloxel game board and the 320 blocks that come with it. Each color represents a different element of design and when you’re working on your video game’s art, the color blocks represent pixel art. Overall, this is a great way to introduce your family to video game engineering and foster a skill that provides a new way to express their creativity.


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Qbitz is another great STEM board game for the whole family in which the goal is to be the first player to arrange the cubes correctly according to the pattern on the card. Each player will have their cube trays and a Qbitz card will be flipped so that they can all compete to match the pattern as soon as possible. The first player to finish and yell “Qbitz!”, wins the round.

That’s one way to play the game, but there are two other ways that include memorizing the card or rolling the cubes to match the card. What players usually do is that they try each way in each round to mix it up! The player with the most cards after three rounds wins the game. All in all, this is an exciting, highly competitive and interesting board game that everyone can enjoy.


Mastermind is a classic strategy game and it’s one of those family board games that everyone loves. In this game, the player’s mission is to figure out what’s the secret code of four colored pegs. One player is the code-maker, which is the one who creates the secret code, and the other player is the code-breaker, whose goal is to figure out the code using logic and creating a strategy.

On each round, the code-breaker will put four colored pegs in the slots and wait for the other player to use special key pegs to provide hints so they can discover the secret code. Each individual peg represents specific properties, which means that the color and the position of the pegs are important. The game goes on for 10 rounds and the player who determines the code as early as possible wins the game. This game is not only exciting, it’s engaging, and a whole lot of fun!

Code Master Programming Logic Game

STEM board games for coding

Code Master is another amazing STEM board game for the whole family and it’s the ultimate coding board! This game is meant to teach programming logic through play and it does it wonderfully. The board game comes with 10 maps and there are 60 levels to solve, which means your family will have a lot of fun with this. It also includes 12 guide scrolls, 12 action tokens, 8 conditional tokens, and instructions to help you make sense of everything.

The instructions are easy to understand, which means you and your family will get the hang of it right away. The game is challenging in many different ways and it’s meant to help everyone build reasoning and planning skills thanks to the multi-level challenges that go from beginner to expert. The challenges grow in difficulty as you play, which makes this family board game even more interesting and exciting!

Lift It

Lift It is a great family board game that focuses on engineering. This creative and active board game will allow your family to have a whole lot of fun while fostering skills such as hand-eye coordination, balance, dexterity, logic, and more. If you love a challenging game that can keep everyone on their toes while still being exciting, this is it!

Players are challenged to build structures of different kinds and it’s the kind of game that you can play alone, together, or in teams to make it even more competitive and interesting.  Engineering skills are definitely encouraged in this game and, overall, it’s a great board game that will make family game night a lot better.

Roller Coaster Challenge

STEM board games

Last but not least, the Roller Coaster Challenge is a great STEM board game that’s super educational in a very fun way. This game is all about logic and having fun while building your own roller coaster! It comes with 36 posts, 39 tracks, a roller coaster car, and 40 cards that are super challenging.

The instructions are easy to follow and your family will get the hang of it quite easily. This family board game allows you to develop engineering skills, reasoning skills, planning skills, and it’s the complete learning experience for everyone involved. Multi-level challenges featured on this game increase in difficulty the more you play and it’s truly a joy to discover what the game will throw at you next!

STEM board games are incredibly fun and they are the perfect combination of education and entertainment. If you want to introduce your family to complex ideas and encourage their development, STEM board games are the way.

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