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Some reviews of Dr. Moku’s Products

Dr Moku is my favorite

I was amazed at how quickly I was able to memorize many Japanese letters!

AbbyM74 - Appstore

Works Really Fast

I tried the lite version and realized it had me reading hiragana in minutes, so I had the upgrade to the full version.

Gudetama Chee - Appstore

It definitely helps!!

I bought the Katakana and the Hiragana sets and it does a great job at getting you to remember the characters.

Black Tiger - Playstore

Let’s get physical!

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Hiragana and Katakana
Flash Cards


Kanji Flashcard Deck JLPT 1


Hangul Flash Cards

65% of people are Visual Learners

Use memory tricks to learn new languages fast

The Dr. Moku systems use mnemonic memory tricks to help you learn languages.

Maybe you’ve heard about how easy it is to learn Hangul or Hiragana but are still struggling to memorize these abstract shapes.

By using visual and verbal mnemonic clues, you will learn the meaning of each character without the strain of rote memorization.

And when the time comes, you will effortlessly recall the sounds. before you know it, you will be reading a new language


Everybody learns differently

Don’t you hate when companies claim to make learning fun?

There really is nothing “fun” about learning languages.
There’s definitely satisfaction in impressing friends, passing exams and using your language skills in the real world but the fun comes in the time you save by finding the right learning method.

Dr. Moku strives to make learning painless and effective so you have more time to create your own fun.

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