Learn Hiragana with mnemonics. Hiragana iPhone,iPad and Android app

Learn to read and write Japanese Hiragana in one hour

Dr. Moku teaches Hiragana by using mnemonics; memory tricks that use humor or a memorable personal connection to help you fix and break associations. Your brain has no choice but to remember.

Learn Hiragana with memory tricks

Each Hiragana character has a memorable visual clue.

When you see the character you will immediately recall the correct sound.

In just one hour form now you will be able to read and write Hiragana; your essential first step in learning Japanese.

Packed full of features

● Complete system for learning Hiragana fast.
● Reading and Listening Quiz modes.
● NEW! Dr. Moku now talks you through each learning screen.
● NEW! Hiragana Word Search Game
● Write with your finger on screen then check it against the correct animation.
● Reading Practice! Much requested and finallly here.
● Audio reference chart for Dakuten, Handakuten and Yoon.
● Offline Audio Phrasebook!
● Video demo with recap quiz.

Complete beginner or just struggling?

If you have struggled learning the Kana (Hiragana and Katakana) then Dr. Moku is the right app for you.

Take the pain out of learning and stop forcing yourself with rote memorization.

Learning Japanese may seem like an impossible task but with Dr. Moku you will be amazed at your ability to learn and recall.

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